Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences: the African Oulema Glorify the Moroccan model in Dogma, Doctrine, and Sufism

Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences: the African Oulema Glorify the Moroccan model in Dogma, Doctrine, and Sufism

The African Oulema participating at the first international scientific colloquium on the theme of the “Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences”, which completed its work on Thursday, Safar 29, 1440 (November 8th, 2018) acclaimed in Marrakech the Moroccan model in dogma, doctrine and Sufism as being the correct form of doctrine of the pious ancestors.

Colloquium on "the Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences"
Colloquium on “the Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences”

During the final session of the theological colloquium on the “Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences” organized by the initiative of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema for two days, the African Oulema stressed the importance of this topic and the means to treat its themes based on academic analysis and fundamental approach, which foresees persuasion after conviction. The participants highlighted, in the final declaration of the colloquium, the necessity to apply the precise theological method to distinguish what was unfairly introduced to the term Salafism, emphasizing the importance of putting serious efforts into the prevention and correction methods of the inaccuracies on the Salafism concept.

Elucidating the Salafism Term with Theological Methods   

The participants in the theological colloquium on the ” Salafist Phenomenon – Connotations and Consequences” indicated that people in general and Africans in particular feel a great need to further understand the Salafism term, and the Oulema must clarify this term with scientific methods to explain the confusion and distortion afflicting this term, calling for printing and distributing this colloquium.

Praising the “Addourous Al Hadithia” Lectures

Speakers acclaimed the initiative of His Majesty the King Mohamed VI to install the “Addourous Al Hadithia” Lectures Program broadcast by the Mohamed VI Radio and Channel of the Holy Quran.

What the Oulema Should Demonstrate to their Umma

The Secretary General of the Superior Council of Oulema, Mr. Mohamed Yessef, asserted in a speech on this occasion, that this colloquium was organized to demonstrate to the Umma the obligations of the Oulema and to clear up all confusions about religion, noting that the meeting of the Oulema and Alimate is a major asset for Africa while stressing the important role of Islamic culture, moderation and tolerance.

The African Religious, Scientific, Spiritual and Worldly Renaissance

Mr. Yessef added that the contributions of the Oulema in the various meetings held at Rabat, Fez and Marrakech are rich and illustrate the generosity of the African thought, its vitality, agility, strength and will to promote a renaissance and a true Islamic wake-up that this continent will see in particular.

Mr. Mohamed Yessef indicated that the Mohamed VI Foundation of the African Oulema shall bring a significant contribution to the efforts of renaissance in Africa in the scientific and spiritual, religious and worldly fields, adding that the Oulema belonging to this Foundation are required to strive to improve the quality of life of the population of this continent and work to eliminate anything that disrupts their comfort and hinders their march towards development and progress.

The work of this colloquium, which was marked by the participation of the members of the Higher Council of the Foundation and a few guests of Africa and Europe and some personalities and representatives of the theological organizations and other institutions, put an emphasis on relevant topics such as “the Salafism term – connotations and explanations” and “Salafist phenomenon – dimensions and consequences”.