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Common religious Constants: Foundations of the African Identity


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Les constantes religieuses communes: Fondements de l’identité africaine

Coverage of the Conference – The Common Religious Constants: the Foundations of African Identity – South Africa

Within the framework of coordinating the efforts of the African continent Oulema to spread the values of tolerance, moderation and

Recommandations de la conférence sur Les Constantes Religieuses Communes organisée par la Fondation Mohammed VI des Ouléma Africains

Recommendations of the Common Religious Constants Conference Organized by the Section of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema in South Africa

Praise be to Allah, The South African section of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema organized a scientific seminar

الدكتور محمد أويس رفيع الدين أستاذ محاضر بجامعة يونيسا ببريتوريا.

The Sufism of Shaykh Yusef Al Maqassri and its Implications for Moderation

Dr. Auwais Rafudeen, a lecturer at Unisa University in Pretoria, highlighted the role of Sufism in spreading the culture of

Moulana Ahmed Mukaddam, Imaam and consultant in Islamic Affairs at Al Ghazali College, Pretoria, South Africa – Muqaddam of the Qadariyyah Ridawiyyah Nuriyyah Tareeqah

A Historical and Spiritual Review of Sunni Sufism in South Africa

During the seminar organized by the section of the Mohammed VI foundation of African Oulema in South Africa under the

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Amdah in South Africa