Mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco

Mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco

Mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco - the Hassan II Mosque
Mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco – the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca.

At the end of 2018, the number of mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco was fifty-two thousand mosques, seventy percent of which are in rural areas; the total area of mosques is more than eight million square meters. Sixty percent of this area is in cities where mosques are larger.

Five hundred mosques in the cities are ancient, dating back to the early centuries of Islam’s entry to Morocco.

All the mosques in Morocco are under the supervision of the Ministry of Religious Endwometns and Islamic Affairs under the Sharifian Dahir as a law issued in 1984.

Whether in old or in modern times, the mosques have been constructed by kings, Awqaf Foundation, associations, and good doers -men and women. Once the construction is completed, the mosque becomes, by law, the property of the awqaf institution.

Mosques in Morocco are characterized by their architecture, especially the one-square-meter minaret; the preservation of the features of this architecture remains a requirement for building permits.

The monies spent on the management and maintenance of mosques are disbursed by the Ministry of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs; individuals can manage mosques with permission from this ministry as long as this management does not affect the neutrality of the mosque.

In recent years, the Ministry of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs issued legal regulations protecting mosques at the construction and administration stages against any use that is in contradiction with its religious and educational mission within the framework of the religious constants of the Kingdom.

In the mosques, the five daily prayers are performed, in addition to the Friday prayer, the Eid prayer, and the funeral prayer. Preaching sermons, religious lectures and literacy lessons are also held in mosques. In some rural places, religious ceremonies of a family nature are held in mosques.

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