Solemn adoption of a « Peace Declaration» called [“The Abidjan Declaration”]

Solemn adoption of a « Peace Declaration» called [“The Abidjan Declaration”]

Solemn adoption of a « Peace Declaration» called [“The Abidjan Declaration”]
Solemn adoption of a « Peace Declaration» called [“The Abidjan Declaration”]
The participants in the International Symposium on Inter-Religious Dialogue, jointly organized by the Higher Council of Imams, Mosques and Islamic Affairs (COSIM) and the Ivorian Section of Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema in Abidjan, from Wednesday 23 February to Friday 25 February 2022, under the theme:


Reaffirming their full adherence to the conclusions reached regarding the four themes discussed and debated during this international Symposium,

Make a solemn appeal:

  • – in particular to the Ivorian and African religious dignitaries, whatever their faith;
  • – to the Ivorian and African authorities in charge of religious practices;
  • – to the leaders of all the driving forces in Côte d’Ivoire and in Africa;

Remind everyone that the universal values advocated by religions, namely inter-religious dialogue, solidarity, fraternity, tolerance, openness to others and respect for human dignity, constitute the basis for dialogue between civilizations, just like the universally recognized human rights.

The participants, signatories to the present Declaration, solemnly undertake to ensure that dialogue conducive to living together among the believers in all religions shall be established in a lasting manner, in keeping with the law and with all religious beliefs and practices, as well as with freedom of worship and conscience.

They unanimously assert their condemnation, in the strongest possible terms, of all forms of hate speech and discrimination and all acts of violence, whatever their origin, which might endanger, in the name of religion, the living together, the security of communities and goods, or the safety of persons.

The participants call on all the driving forces in African countries to remain united and to support one another in the face of all risks of division, and not to give in to threats or any types of confluence knowingly propagated to undermine the unity of their ranks.

They reaffirm, in the name of the principles and commitments they have in common, that every human being – wherever he or she comes from, and whatever his or her religious beliefs – is a citizen enjoying the equality afforded to him or her by the law.

The participants make a unanimous, most urgent appeal for unwavering pan-African cooperation between religions in order to tackle the numerous crises plaguing the continent, especially those relating to health, food, the environment and the economic and social domains.

They urge adherence to the ethics of responsibility so as to mobilize and face up to the harmful effects of climate change; they call on everyone to play their role in protecting biodiversity and the environment in Côte d’Ivoire and in all African countries, and to make significant sacrifices for the wellbeing of future generations, by working together.

The participants express a strong wish that a broad consensus be reached on the above issues, based on clear, universally recognized guiding principles.

They believe that solidarity, fraternity and dialogue between all religions should always be the cornerstone of social peace and should be the only possible path, now and into the future.

They reiterate that peace, on which our common African home depends, requires that we all build and protect it together. True, lasting peace is the one that reassures our families, our neighbors, the entire Ivorian Nation and all African countries.

The participants urge everyone to believe firmly that differences enrich us and make the fabric of life in our countries loftier and more beautiful.

We must therefore act on a daily basis and hope, in unison, that our prayers for Côte d’Ivoire and our African countries be answered.

Let us act together and call for working hand in hand through an adequate, continuous and relentless process of consultation, in order to put into practice the spirit that underpins our meetings, such as the one inspiring this International Symposium on Inter-religious Dialogue, and thus make sure brotherhood, harmony, peace and respect for the Ivorian and African citizen would prevail.

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